By submitting this recipe, you agree to the following:

  • You are 18 years old or older.

  • The recipes being submitted to Nulaid Foods, Inc. are your own recipes and have not been copied from someone else or from a cookbook, and do not violate any third party’s copyright, trade secret or trademark.

  • Nulaid Foods, Inc. can modify the submitted recipes before posting them to the Nulaid Foods, Inc. website (as well as after they are posted) by, among other things, making editorial revisions.You assign all copyright and other proprietary rights in the recipes you submit to Nulaid Foods, Inc., and will take any additional action (including signing an assignment or other document) as Nulaid Foods, Inc. may at any time request to establish or prove such assignment.

  • You give Nulaid Foods, Inc. the right to post your name on Nulaid Foods, Inc. website along with the recipes you are submitting (except where prohibited by law).You agree to include your name and e-mail address with your submission so we have a way to contact you if we have any questions about your recipes.  Your name, but not your e-mail address, will be posted with the recipe.

  • Nulaid Foods, Inc. may copy, modify, use, display, publish and make derivative works of the recipes you are submitting royalty-free (that is, without compensation to you) in any medium now known or hereafter invented, including print, film or electronic storage devices, alone or in combination with other works.  So credit is given where credit is due, Nulaid Foods, Inc. agrees to publish your name along with any of your recipes included in a derivative work.

  • If your recipes are selected for publication, Nulaid Foods, Inc. will inform you by e-mail or phone.


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